Sunday, February 13, 2011

freak true chicken

Ee..mereka membebel lagi!!

Omg! I’ve been thinking for ages why does every mother yell and every father talks sarcastically with their very cute innocent sons and lovely daughters. Dude, I was and am like each one of you who can stand no craps from the oldies anymore. You know sometimes.. when we kids call it enough, it is really enough.but the centre euu euu bullshot that I am working out here is that I see these annoying things as our parents need.i repeat, need!oh yes need.

1)   Parents are freak.

Why baby? After 19 years of scrolling money out of same lame clerking, got ass kicked by some jerks who called you bad, tight naps of loud cries you made each night, and you call us freak!!

Na mommy..its just that you guys are just freak. You are so afraid of loosing us mommy.oh yeah, oh yeah! You are so afraid of being so lonely that you accuse us of many things that we ourselves never thought of doing it(yet) so that we can accompany you every second you breath. And the worst part of it is, sorry, we figure that out. See, you are so freak that a little secret you kept had just revealed by this little pumpkin.

2)   Parents are chickens.

Parents are chicken cockoodockoo.. they are so chicken bakbakbak. Why baby? After a hard time finding you a better school to suit your nerdies,  13 hours of pushing an elephant out of my womb, a crazy talk with the troublemaker for a suitable name for it, and you call us chicken? Chill,’s just that you are so chicken. You cannot live your life without us and have us blamed for every sighs you made. You got funked for your own sake of having a child and guess what? We had successfully figured it out too.

3)   Parents are so true..

Oh baby I love you. finally you got it right..sweety3.

Errr..mommy.i don’t think you got my point. What I mean is that.., you guys always think that you are the only one who knows what’s best for us. You think vegetable is holly and that’s all that matters. Somehow mommy, we still throw greenies up. They are! yes mommy,  you are older than us-well, that’s why we call you mommy not jenny. But does it really make sense that older people make better decisions? About ironing clothes before class,yes, but how about that clothes-I mean..clothes that we can really wear.clothes that people at this era wear to be precise? Do you know any? See? That’s why we call you mommy, mommy.

Mom nagged yesterday, nags today, and is nagging the days forward because of needs! Needs! Nags needs nags needs nags need oh that rhyme.

It is our parents’ need to voice out and loud for every tiny things that seems to make their little potatoes’ life imperfect without even realizing that we are big now, big to make decision, to make choices, to give, to order, to simplify life equations, and balancing our daily diet. But what to do? What else can we do about it.. because we simply had lived with it. We live in nags. It is like living in a house, if we stay-we got bored, but if we step out-we got rained. Can you imagine living without father and mother and of course their nags? can we live? I mean, can we really be alive? NO! so children..,,and me, be very polite with your mama and papa and their nags right now because someday..we are all going to loose them..

do it right

Subject-left behind-stolen heart-a victim of hypocrisy-melancholic-none saw nor understand-grief over big fat lies-finding space to breath-BFL’s clicks go against-soulless body.

People, do you hear me?
I am right and the other, what’s the name?
Sorry, something is not right
     We don’t trust lies
Only today, a little tonight, and tomorrow lets continue lying
Because no one sees
     We love nothing but his heartiest effort to comfort
Ringing comfort-an emergence of popularity and glam
Written, unspoken. Thus, an unspoken written.
     Mirror him looks unjust, mirror me is a must.
Who are you?
Do I know you?
Can we be friends?
     Lord, look at the lies that he brought us to plateau of sickness!
     Hidden shit in silk!
     Look, I know You are here.
     Almighty, we beg you for the truth to come
     And until it comes, we beg patience and obedience
Trust we put
because You always do it right.



Assalamualaikum warahmatullah

Today is officially my 15th day wearing tudung labuh. Along these 15 days, I went through tons of responses from my close friends and family in regard to my new pious-look appearance. Some say heyy that’s cute!, some say it’s up to you, it’s all about you and some say why..why this big thingy?? Some hurt and some not. Anyway, all mass gratitude to all who commented on it, you have broaden my perspectives on tudung labuh!

So I’d like to end up all speculations bout it by quoting this:

It is not, never and nothing about tudung labuh, it is all about covering our aurah, sister!
Remember what Islam has laid down for us.(based on madhab syafie): a muslim woman must cover all parts of her body, except for her palm and face.

This indicates that Islam is actually that very religion, that true religion that really really cares about its women. Why do I say so? Because Islam gives us the best way to make ourselves, our beautiful sexy astonishing cute bombastic hot *what else, u name it* body, be in the best condition it could be. Every part of our body is beautiful you know. Starting from the silky hair up to our stinky feet, they all can stimulate man’s sexual desire. I know this based on my experience.

Boy: Oh my God..

Girl: why?

Boy: nothing.

Girl: tell me or I’ll kill ya.

Boy: I think my tiny volcano (u know what it is) has just spilt out hearing your voice.

Girl: what the..!

OMG!! That is the most eww eww experience I’ve ever had with a man. I mean.. I've never thought that man can be so pathetic in a way. So, here’s my question: when you wear something sexy and obviously yes you do not cover your sexy aurah, and you are standing in front of a man, regardless of his piousness, do you expect him to just stand? Finally you have sexually attracted a man(wow, that’s a success) and now you are blaming them for sexually harassing you?? How pathetic is that!

And how can this be connected to wearing tudung labuh?

Well, lemme share wit you my previous life.

Before this, I was actually freehair. I did not cover my aurah most of the time. I did wear some cute Chinese style stuff and yeah, that was my past. And today, Alhamdulillah thanks to Allah for still giving me chances to live, to change, to be closer to Him than before. Allah gave me hidayah, the true passion in believing and luxuriating my very life.

Then I started to wear scarves- a lot of struggle in there. I wear kinds of shawls, pashmina, tudung bawal, Syrian ect.. I searched for the best that really suit my resolution and style(?). I decided to do this cover-aurah thing the best I can do. I wanted to be as normal as possible, like ones I saw every day.

Suddenly, I realized that most of my scarves do not fully fit the criteria of covering the aurah. Yes, they do cover my hair but my two cuties are still hanging there! People can still see them.

So the next day I asked my friend how to fix this. Here and there. And we ended up buying some koshibos and she taught me sew. Alhamdulillah..Allah sent this little princess to me. I can now freely walk around without having to worry about my aurah. Thank you Suraya. :)

But still, I sometimes wear long pashminas to suit my garments and of course they cover my aurah.. As I said, it is never about tudung labuh, it is all about covering our aurah.

It doesn’t damn matter wearing shawls, pashmina, tudung bawal, tudung labuh, Syrian ect.. what matters is does this really cover my aurah? Can people still see my ‘things’? if shawl covers, just feel free to enjoy wearing it, if tudung labuh covers, why do not you give it a try. If pashmina covers, wear it. Because what really matters is- AURAH. Remember, any woman whose aurah is not covered will be harshly burnt in hellfire..nauzubillah ya Allah.

So, basically, lovely pinky sisters, please do cover our aurah. It is our pride.

err..see what i see?



The truth of a mukmin is faith

The truth of a joy is pain

The truth of a start is ending

The truth of a life is death

And death without faith is a painful ending