Monday, September 10, 2012

A cat’s madness

Salam all! So here's a thing. I've been wanting to post since I was born.

A cat’s madness
by Qox

A cat wakes up early

A cat takes about 6 hours a day grooming, and while she’s doing so, believe me, it’s real hard to stop.

A cat goes all out with the food she was given

A cat can be mute, but never silent from trying to talk her thoughts to the owner.

A cat has the power to persuade the owner to give whatever she wants only by doing some undeniably cute faces.

A cat plays around with the same lame toy for her whole life

A cat annoys her owner at all time but never feels annoyed to have him around. In fact, she is obsessed with the owner’s smell.

A cat has this sense of owning things that she loves. There’s nothing like ‘love is not about owning’ for her. For example, after the owner takes the shower (and unintentionally washed away the cat’s smell on his body), the cat will rub her body all over again into the owner’s.

A cat turns into a crazy ass when she hears her owner’s car heading to the garage.

These are just a few example of a cat’s madness.

However, you can see a cat’s real madness when you bring home another.

                      And how can cat be less the same with woman?

Just a quick post in adjustment mode. wait, adjustment? -.-