Sunday, May 26, 2013

of boobcramps and chicken dance- we still live.

Salam all.

Yesterday I wouldn’t spare a day thinking about how many will cry when I die because I only have 3 people on my list. Not that I long people to draw some tears when I’m gone but it’s just that I have this thought when Mama said this to me the other day:

Only you and a few of my close friends will cry when I’m gone.

True. That is one true thing. Goddamit!

Then afterwards I started to think. No I won’t tell you who those three are. Hahaha. But the most important thing that I know is-those three may not be necessarily your closest pals or family members around. They can be of those people who you appreciate enough with your little things and well, aids you’ve provided during their hard times. And one way they celebrate your leave is by rolling their eyeballs to stop them from producing some liquids.

So yeap.

And oh. Today I added someone into the list.

Girl, I know you love me. We have so much in common. Same size, same colour, same nose, same family history (which is so damn good because I finally found someone who would only listen to my side of story and nods instead of saying sabarlah and what not), same poker face.. same.. same..we both laugh at the random-est things and we both favour nasi kerabu telur masin yang dekat pasar malam Rabu hewhew. To add, I think she likes my ugly chicken dance. we also pet the same cats!

name: nyunyi

And she has this weird habit of saying something that she could’ve said it better to someone whenever she’s alone in a car. When this was first revealed during our late dinner gath with Ramram, I was like Whatttttt that makes two of us HAHAHA. Both laughed at each other. Ramram, not sure of what was happening, paused for seconds. Later she continued with her maggi goring. Haha too cute Ramram. But yeah we're kinda off the grid that night. -.-

She has always been a cheesy friend to me. In fact she’s the cheesiest among all of my good friends. When I broke up and hysterically crying and laughing (consecutively), she was just sitting in her desk. Later she gave me a kitty card saying that I’m a strong kitty cat. Damn girl.

she also designed my psychology scrapbook!

a cat rolling a plane off? seriously?

Last few nights she asked me if I were given a choice which historical monument I’d like to travel to. I said maybe the Great Wall or Taj Mahal. Layan jelah. I thought she was bored to death thus the question. Hahaha. Today, I woke up in my stupid morning breath just to see a painting of Taj Mahal and a lil note on my desk. I know she’s been working on it day and night, but I didn’t know that it was for me. Terharuuuuu..!


Fana-zing, if you happen to read this, I believe that God will ease your days, friend. Remember those things I said about Qada' Qadar and karma? I am so much into it now. I appreciate every single thing you gave me-those cute little thingy. We may not become roommates anymore but I will totally miss getting some sleepy toddlers to wake up for Fajr. Hehehehe.




p/s: My sister Elvana has just became a wife just now. Though I can't be there because of final exams, I am happy for you Kakak. :')