Sunday, December 16, 2012


Salam all.

So haha. I’m back.

Things are going quite smoothly. Kakak is going to get married about 8 months from now insyaAllah so I’m a bit nervous hewhew.

We’ve got Deli’s family coming over to our little crib last week. Quite a sudden visit though. By the way, I’m planning to get Kakak a very simple yet nice dessert bar for her wedding and now that she knows, she’s so annoyingly happy and even said ‘okay now I’ve got 7 sponsors for my wedding HA-HA!’ I envy Kakak she got an undeniably cute and generous sister heh.

Whatever. Okay so while I was browsing for some ideas, I found some really elegant dessert bars (some call it candy buffet table) that might suit my budget, which is you know.. kind of you know- not quite ravishing. Haha. At first I was thinking of doing hand-made chocolate fondue with strawberries and bananas but since it would cost me to rob the bank, I had to cancel it. Sobs. I was sad but that lasted until I sorted out the day with Google. Thanks to Technologies we have today. *tepuk tangan sambil geleng-geleng kapala.

Some ideas are brilliant. Some are stupid. So I mix up both and came up with some simple yet gorgeous alternatives. Well, the ideas are in my head so I can’t pull them out for you right now but some of them might be more or less the same like ziz:

Most importantly I want to include some of her all-time favourite tidbits such as the akok, Portuguese egg tarts, red velvet cuppies and tuna sandwiches.



 She’s going to be crazy when she sees those stuffs I know hehe. Then I’m going to décor some fresh colourful daisies as the centerpiece decor and some little marshmallows to lessen the table’s hue. Some green apples in a jar, some photos of her and Deli-cious, some cute paper flags and things liddat. Aww so cute! Got to start saving from now.

Here’s some more.
Say if you come up with some other budget-y alternatives that are less expensive, please drop your thoughts below. You know now they have invented this unique feature called comment box. -.-‘ 

something looks pinky. guess what.

so vintage and.. English.

macaroons anyone?


Can't wait to make this for Kakak's wedding. I know it wouldn't actually look like any of these professionally-made buffet tables. But anyhow, I'm going to try my best to make my cheesy sister happy. She's the only sibling I have anyway. Got to do what a sister does best.

To Deli-cious, you are a step closer to getting this crazy lady. Stand by her through thick and thin. May God ease your way. :)



Monday, September 10, 2012

A cat’s madness

Salam all! So here's a thing. I've been wanting to post since I was born.

A cat’s madness
by Qox

A cat wakes up early

A cat takes about 6 hours a day grooming, and while she’s doing so, believe me, it’s real hard to stop.

A cat goes all out with the food she was given

A cat can be mute, but never silent from trying to talk her thoughts to the owner.

A cat has the power to persuade the owner to give whatever she wants only by doing some undeniably cute faces.

A cat plays around with the same lame toy for her whole life

A cat annoys her owner at all time but never feels annoyed to have him around. In fact, she is obsessed with the owner’s smell.

A cat has this sense of owning things that she loves. There’s nothing like ‘love is not about owning’ for her. For example, after the owner takes the shower (and unintentionally washed away the cat’s smell on his body), the cat will rub her body all over again into the owner’s.

A cat turns into a crazy ass when she hears her owner’s car heading to the garage.

These are just a few example of a cat’s madness.

However, you can see a cat’s real madness when you bring home another.

                      And how can cat be less the same with woman?

Just a quick post in adjustment mode. wait, adjustment? -.-

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ramadhan al Mubarak

Salam all!

I hope it’s not too late to wish all muslims Happy Ramadhan al Mubarak!

You know I’ve been witnessing the ladies finishing the Quran in one month since a few years back and.. I’m thinking to give it a go. It’s quite a challenge for me since Quran recitation isn’t my biggest strength but guess what, make it a two babe, I feel so energized! So this is it. This is my first-time attempt to finish the Quran in one month ihiks so hopefully everything comes off smoothly and I’m talking about my tajweed and stuffs. Yea, literally. Pheww! May Allah ease us all. 

And btw, the trick is so simple and easy. Just read 4 pages of al Quran before or after each prayer, for 1 whole month. So 4 pages times five prayer times equals to 20. 20 times 30 days of ramadhan equals to 600 pages and there you go! With determination and istiqamah, insyaAllah things will go as planned!Weee.. =D


p/s: Try to add more liquid and fibre in your diet for sahur and berbuka. Dehydration and indigestion are the last things we'd like to suffer from in this barakah month uhuks.

Till then. :)

Friday, May 25, 2012

captured noobs 4: out and about..

Salam all.

Syira’s birthday.

Can I go wordless this time?

Aigoo see those alphabets it won’t work out it won’t. Haha.

till then.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Captured Noobs 3: BIRTHDAYS !

Salam all. Haha so last week me, Fathin, Cher, Anis, Ramizah, Irfan, Akim, Lau and Mirul went to a restaurant near Gombak to celebrate Fathin’s and Irfan’s birthday. La Chateau de Puah to be exact. La Chateau de Puah La Chateau de Puah nah amik tersimpul mati lidah! Haha. Anyhow this restaurant is real great for dinner and parties omg seriously when we were there, I was thinking of decorating my own dining room of the same colour and theme lol. Crap let the pictures do the talking alright? Heheh.

fathin !


smoking hottt lau


mirul and akim

cher  and ramizah

favourite pic  ^,^

 All in all, we had good munching blowing spraying times! Allah bless them all. =D

p/s: going back to Kota Bharu this weekend, can't wait ! 

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Do not carry with lax  
Product is fragile
Once looked upon considered sold

Do not drop
Product is fragile

Fragile product 
Handle with care

Product is fragile
Keep dry


Product is fragile
Once broken, considered-

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Immagost. eskeriwan.

Salam all.

Recently I have just realized that I have one big problem. Yes it’s really big. Like a pig. I have one problem with sincerity. Have you ever felt so bad for not being sincere when you’re doing favor to your cliques, especially when they’re very ungrateful and rude to you? Well I am literally having that kind of gross feeling recently and the biggest problem is I can’t even stop thinking about how can these people be so ignorant (in a way).

I have met many girls and boys who love to sell fish. I don’t mind meeting some more. But what makes me annoyed is that those who are ignoring my presence are of my friends (I can’t really say best friends). So here's how it goes. I have friends, many of them. Most of the time I was unheard, practically because I speak the least and God, I am good with that! Hihi. Then, when some of them were having troubles, they turned to me-money, time and all of those. But in great times, I became some kind of spare friend who sometimes doesn’t even exist, like a ghost. And that is when I feel insincere for all that I have done. I mean, I shouldn’t have felt that way. They are all good for crying out loud.    

So what’s with sincerity? Is it some divine quality that no man can have? Why is it so hard for us to be sincere to ungrateful, ignorant and selfish people? Why don’t I get this kind of feeling whenever I do my best friend Azianti a favour? Shouldn’t I have to be sincere in everything I do? Why do I even sound so pathetic in this post? HAHA.

So yeah I am still looking for the answers. Maybe God holds them. Maybe I am taking things emotionally these days. Or maybe this is just another test for me. If it is, I pray to God to gimme lotsa strength tonic because I would need dozens of them. Rabbi yassir wala tuassir..  =)

p/s: I really miss my old friends in Kota Bharu. Nobody beats high school friends. T.T

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Captured noobs 2: Of party buih and surat layang


This is mid-semester break and I’m finally at Kota Bharu now after two months being in UIA! Ahaks. Silalah puji ketabahan saya yang bulih survive berada di bilik sorang-sorang mendengar cengkerik bernyanyi bila semua kawan-kawan saya sedang berseronok di rumah.

Alright this is captured noobs number two about me and friends jimba-ing around crap crap let the pictures take the honour, okay ah?


Pembuka bicara haruslah dimulakan dengan muka confused Cher yang dipaksa pose lepas membuncitkan diri di warung ayam pecel Jono. (crap betul ke tak nama dia ni arghh). Fyi, warung ni boleh dikatakan femes jugalah sebab kepedasan pecelnya yang mampu membuatkan hidung dan mata si pemakan berair tak henti-henti.

Spot kedua tempat makan ialah HS cafe. HS tu maksud dia Human Science. Jadi, most of the Human Sciences studs akan lepak kat sini sambil makan tom yam, discuss assignment, ataupun merely dating. SETIAP HARI. Sedih tak? 

Fiskay ialah spot ketiga untuk makan.
Bila makan, kami semua kenyang seikhlas hati sebab kat Fiskay ni banyak makanan Western yang sedap dan portion dia pun besar jugak.

fathin and ramizah
Ianya bukan cafe jepun. Ia satu branch restaurant makanan Kelantan plus Western. Nasi kukus ayam dia sedap !!

alia gigi besi dan kak z.


Baiklah. Letak ke tepi warung Jono dan HS cafe dan mari beralih pula ke pix birthday prank Anish. XP
Birthday Anis si kucing kecil ni special sikit. Dua malam kitaorang prank ini budak. Prank pertama ialah rutin: setiap birthday kami diraikan di atas bumbung Wangsa Walk sambil makan dan borak. Lepas tu main sembur-sembur strings dekat Shell. Walaupun bunyinya sangat sedih, tapi ini adalah penting bagi menyorokkan plan prank kedua kami daripada dihidu oleh Anis. muahaha ;D

cher, anis, dayah, fathin. camera dari telefon. T.T

kat bawah pula ialah Anis meniup candles after the 2nd prank. Idung merah baru lepas nangis. Sorry Nish! ^.^

Farah's birthday!

Because we all had so many things to do in the list during her birthday, me and Kak Z took Farah to Festival City untuk makan-makan and jalan-jalan. Note: that was my first time driving the wheels outside UIA. Ahaks. Lucky we all are still alive! hehe

bff Farah. gang law saya dulu. <3

yang manis bertudung ijau itu kak zakiah. dia xifu saya yang ajar kereta. ^^

mazida's birthday

birthday girl and bf who gave her a beautiful necklace. ouchh! <3

ex-dormmates gathering!

bless them!

home-made crab meat sushi. feeling japanese gitteww!

This 1hour and a half play called ''the compleat wrks of wllm shkspr (abridged)'' (yup! it is spelled that way) took place at KLPAC.
That superblicious parody combined at least five of Shakespeare's masterpieces and as expected was performed in a comic form. 

cher mimicking the bodyless lady. tak jadi. HAHA

Mid term test

-it's over!-

 Halright, i guess this bunch of random pix will supplement your day with extra sweetness plus cheeziness ihiks.
To wrap things up, here's a picture of surat layang from my fan. XD

Till then. -..-v