Thursday, August 25, 2011

the beauty

That day was rainy.
I remember silly braking into drops.
A man and a woman brought me to you.
I was mad. Silly.

The next day,
We searched for you.
They felt you. I didn’t.

And then I heard you whispering- ya Rabbi, Rabbi!


Things changed. Silly.


I  again for the trillion times, had forgotten you.

Now I am longing for you.
I come back.
I prostrated with proud.
    Silly . Silly . Silly.


Forgive those allurers,-silly. will you? Ya Rabbi.


Thank you.
How I missed you, God. Ily.

And again
to-day it rains.



Monday, August 22, 2011


 Diana ni sungguh berjiwa binatang- mama

Giggling. Lol I love tht term- berjiwa binatang. As harsh as you might’ve interpreted, that is just as truly as what I’ve thought of myself. This is another post about the cat fyi.

Meet Wawa, my cat.

We found her wounded at my stepmother’s office lounge at Machang and we brought her back home. She made a ridiculously fast recovery along the whole petting and right now I shall say- she’s eating my potato chips. Lol. This giant girl has always been my silent fan and sister of mine, except when she’s hungry. Wawa obviously has left a great impact on my acceptance of what life can really offer. Doubt not, she came before some people I met who’re hmm, let just say literally- yea, not as good as her. So here’s the credit: wawa’s innate nature would always be somewhat better than that of humans’. And why is tht? Well, simply these are some little instinctive things that actually put me below this stinky girl.

Wawa didn’t cry when her injury was exceedingly painful, neither when we put the paste onto her wounded back.

She wakes me up every single morning-Allah’s inspiration I think regardless of her annoying snoozing sleep back at each night (and this should tell that she sleeps besides my sensitive eardrum!)

Wawa is also quite a good mice catcher. You see? She’s not eating our food for free. She works!

I guess maturity would also be fair to her. When I was pissed off over someone, or I lost some precious things, or when I was like extremely girang, I will lambung-lambung her up to the ceiling okay exegerating, she will be like- hum.. do as you wish, like I care. Seriously she did. Her blurred face tells it all. Great, she really takes after me. Haha.

She’s never been hypocrite when it comes to life. Wawa, just like the other cats in the world, when hungry she would ask for food. When she gets some, she eats. When she’s full, she licks one of her front paws, thanking the owner. Isn’t that what we people call as sincerity and blissfulness? Subhanalah!

Can't you see why? After all, Wawa is just another cat.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Save the eggyolk the last.

I’m going to Gombak in less than a month. Still, it feels really good being away from my college. I love to be with my family down here. Ya know, things have become so much different since we all left the high school. We met new musics, new people, new environment, new accent, new social laws and now, i feel so silly to meet up even some more new people. God I know this may sound sick but I really feel insecure when it comes to new faces. To know that we have to look for other people’s rules when we have been sticking to the same lame rules for twentyyy damn years! Now blame me for that. ;P

But luckily, my friend said something that really opened up my mind.

Accepting people’s rules doesn’t mean that you discard your own principle, it just means that you’re mature enough to respect what others think is right.

Binggo! Well said chick. If that’s the way things could work out, then I guess it is.

Btw, I’m currently planning my first ever moneeyy making business. Hehee.. I am finishing my last touch on the budget just before buying the ingredients for my raya cookies business. My God I am feeling so excited I’m doing something. 7 months people, 7 months!


Btw these are the cookies I’m fainting xnakbangunbangunlagi for:

London almond, blueberry cheese tartlets, batang burok, dahlia, and butter cookies. Wallllaahh!

It’s a fasting month. And i'm doing it all alone. yeeahhaaa! 

Pray for me. J

Friday, August 12, 2011

fasting like a what! :D

Funny Ramadan Ecard: I'm abstaining from listening to you complain about abstaining this Ramadan.

p/s: ramadhan is to end like 17 days- upcoming. So alhamdulilah we are never late for any ibadah. So do your ablution rite away and do some charity..   :)


What came across your mind when thinking about your dreamhouse? Would it be something mushy country-like with a modern twist outside, a triple storey all-in-all mansion with a biggg swimming pool ahead or maybe.. simply a wooden lakehouse? Gosh isn't it so soothing to just make a lil ponder on how will our dream house look like.. *tangan ke dada, mata ke atas.  Well peeps, guess what. Mine is a small brick cattle along a riverside somewhere in Cameron Highlands. Err.. do we actually have a river up there? Ughh never mind, it's just a dream house by now.    

nak besau ni 

nak ada river/lake macam ni. with a bunch of swimming yellow ducklings
and ouh, their mother.

lepas tu nak sofa swing macam ni untuk petang-petang. aww romantic!  giggling

tapi mungkin ada bunny mengintai -.-'

or this little chicky mybe? hmm..

a green hut aside. letak swing kat sini lah

biri-biri pulak mengintai -.-' oke gatal nampaknya disitu

Kat backyard nak letakkan barbecue grill tepi pool tetiba ada pool. so boleh lah nanti buat barbecue party kecil-kecilan. woahh..!

yang sangkut2 macam ni pon boleh  :)


inside- an open living room

a simple marble-tiled kitchen

the kids' bedrooms ;)

ni untuk gegurl

ni untuk boboy.. cantik tak mummy deco?


a clean and spacious bathroom. nak letak fresh lilies kat  sini.

an open dining room
and last but not least
a mini praying room/musolla
So how? Tunggu kaya nanti la ye dak? haha. By the way masyaAllah I had a really fun time while googling for these pics! Ohh come on I think that's  normal lah kan untuk warga UIA yang terpinggir di tepian gantang 7 bulan macam saya ni. Huhuhu T,T  Btw, it IS always good to plan for the future. as long as you dont treat it as a habit. lol. At least you have a goal, tho it's kinda physical. # alasan. Hmm.. I've dreamed for one, have you? :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

WO DE AI ( my love )

Recently I was inspired by many nutritional acts and words of people and God. Aaa.. so cute and divine!

So how are you feeling today, peeps? Kilos lost? Hell skip that I have something more to tell. Hee..

“Among the most beloved of deeds to Allah is the one that is continuous, even if it is little”

Gosh I love this! 

Need I say more?

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


What do we have, that others just don’t?

I love living my life. I am happy. ~ Nick Vujicic

4.30 a.m- I cried.

I fell in love again.

I came to know his existence like 10 hell minutes ago. Call me nuts for posting twice a night but I can’t sit still. Nick vujicic is a special guy from Australia whom without scientifically diagnosed, was born without arms and legs. He is a man with a real passion in living the life to the fullest. He lives with real human spirit. He sucks the air with thankfulness to God. He even loves golfing!

You might wanna watch his inspirational touching story in youtube. No you should you must.

Or is it just me who is left untold about this beautiful man?

Love, stay wherever you are. Do not jump or fall down, because you’re already in there. It is me who need to step up like you did.

May Allah grant this great guy His Divine Guidance. MasyaAllah.. 

Marilah bersahur.

Pra-sahur : 6 keping french toast, 2 keping daging burger, segelas air sejuk.
Tak. Saya tak habiskan sorang-sorang. Kucin saya ada ni.

Baiklah puan-puan, sementara menunggu makanan yang tertera di atas untuk dihadamkan dan menjadi koko, saya akan mengajarkan satu resepi senang boleh buat menggunakan sebelah tangan, sebelah mata, sebelah telinga dan sebelah kaki. 
Nama dia Easy Cheezy French Toast, ataupun dalam bahasa melayu asli, Roti Telur Terkeju.
Very eggy, fluffly and cheezy. Sesuai untuk bersahur.

Bahan-bahannya ialah..
2 sudu besar planta
6 keping roti gardenia, jika anda bernafsu besar sila jangan potong roti tersebut.
Sebiji telur
1 sudu besar susu pekat
Segumpal mozarella.- cheddar pon bolehh

Cara-caranya ialah..
Godek telur dengan susu menggunakan garpu sampai sebati.
cairkan planta dalam non-stick pan.
amik roti, celupkan dalam telur bersusu tadi. gorengkan atas planta cair tadi.
biarkan seminit. balik-balikkan.
taburkan cheese atas toast yang sedang digoreng.
balikkan bahagian yang ada cheese tu 5saat.
angkat. letaklah fresh fruits, cream, or honey or ice cream or biarkan kosong macam tu pon sedap jugak.

p/s: ibu telah menasihati saya supaya bercakap saya-awak, i-u, atau wo-ni. senang cari jodoh katanya. baiklah ibu.

p/s: malaikat sentiasa mendoakan orang yang sedang bersahur. :)