Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Captured Noobs 3: BIRTHDAYS !

Salam all. Haha so last week me, Fathin, Cher, Anis, Ramizah, Irfan, Akim, Lau and Mirul went to a restaurant near Gombak to celebrate Fathin’s and Irfan’s birthday. La Chateau de Puah to be exact. La Chateau de Puah La Chateau de Puah nah amik tersimpul mati lidah! Haha. Anyhow this restaurant is real great for dinner and parties omg seriously when we were there, I was thinking of decorating my own dining room of the same colour and theme lol. Crap let the pictures do the talking alright? Heheh.

fathin !


smoking hottt lau


mirul and akim

cher  and ramizah

favourite pic  ^,^

 All in all, we had good munching blowing spraying times! Allah bless them all. =D

p/s: going back to Kota Bharu this weekend, can't wait ! 

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Do not carry with lax  
Product is fragile
Once looked upon considered sold

Do not drop
Product is fragile

Fragile product 
Handle with care

Product is fragile
Keep dry


Product is fragile
Once broken, considered-

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Immagost. eskeriwan.

Salam all.

Recently I have just realized that I have one big problem. Yes it’s really big. Like a pig. I have one problem with sincerity. Have you ever felt so bad for not being sincere when you’re doing favor to your cliques, especially when they’re very ungrateful and rude to you? Well I am literally having that kind of gross feeling recently and the biggest problem is I can’t even stop thinking about how can these people be so ignorant (in a way).

I have met many girls and boys who love to sell fish. I don’t mind meeting some more. But what makes me annoyed is that those who are ignoring my presence are of my friends (I can’t really say best friends). So here's how it goes. I have friends, many of them. Most of the time I was unheard, practically because I speak the least and God, I am good with that! Hihi. Then, when some of them were having troubles, they turned to me-money, time and all of those. But in great times, I became some kind of spare friend who sometimes doesn’t even exist, like a ghost. And that is when I feel insincere for all that I have done. I mean, I shouldn’t have felt that way. They are all good for crying out loud.    

So what’s with sincerity? Is it some divine quality that no man can have? Why is it so hard for us to be sincere to ungrateful, ignorant and selfish people? Why don’t I get this kind of feeling whenever I do my best friend Azianti a favour? Shouldn’t I have to be sincere in everything I do? Why do I even sound so pathetic in this post? HAHA.

So yeah I am still looking for the answers. Maybe God holds them. Maybe I am taking things emotionally these days. Or maybe this is just another test for me. If it is, I pray to God to gimme lotsa strength tonic because I would need dozens of them. Rabbi yassir wala tuassir..  =)

p/s: I really miss my old friends in Kota Bharu. Nobody beats high school friends. T.T