Sunday, July 24, 2011



Being an individual isn’t a choice.

It’s a duty to fulfill.

As much as you wanted to succeed, there is still a chance to fall.

We met the wrong people. We mingled with the wrong society. We adjusted to other faiths, yet it declined to falsehood again. We’ve been telling people our principles, but often, we go against them. We talked with a loud voice, yet still unheard. We sacrificed like a lot, and what we got is pain.  

But what is it with criticism?

We make mistakes. We do.

For me, it’s either to take it or leave it.

Inhale. Think deeply. Look what we’ve done to ourselves and the critics. Accept our flaw, and try not to live with it. And lastly, apologize to the person u’ve hurt.


If you find the criticism is not more than a shitty harassment, then leave it. Do not turn back and never do the same thing to them! :D

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Date yang Menakjubkan!


Two days ago, I received a call from Arifah my bff inviting me to the reunion, all maherians. ( we got a special name for this assembly: 'sep lape', which actually means 'The Group of Eight’ since the GANG consists of 8 gorgeous ladies!) Gosh I was like so excited tht I couldn’t get off frm smiling and thinking which kurung will do. Haha.

So the next day these girls- Yun, Arifah, Kira picked me up at my place and we went up straight to Kbmall to pick Tasha. 

from left: yun, kira, tasha, aipah. unfortunately yana di lindungi oleh mamiyun.

Then then then we went to our school. Hell only God knows how excited we were to meet after 2 years being away from each other for further schooling. Everyone was like, heyy I’ve got some real stories to tell and they’re sure bigger compared to yours. Haha.

and here we are at the school.
super 5/8 :P

gorgeous aipah 
we met some other friends too..

yuni dan cikgu akaun lupalah nama dia.

lepas tu mengisikan perutnyapun at Kg. Kraftangan.
 nasi ulam with lots of proteins to digest.
freshly fried catfish, delicious asam pedas, clean and fast service, plus murah gila.rm5 satu kepala woi!

ikan keli dia sedap sangat tau tak? -.-'

this is all kelantanese fav.-budu.. and this, tell you, is the food from heaven!
with beloved tasha. ;)

tersandar kekenyangan.
dan selepas penat bersosial di restoran, perlulah mengecas iman pula.. 

terharu tgk muka sendiri... T.T

dan ke mall kembali..


these beautiful ladies made my day as always..
it's been a while since i had laugh this hard.
they're what i call as sisters for life. 
                                                              love you guys so much.

                                                                  wo ai ni men!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Good Muslims Care for Other Creatures.

Good Muslims care for other creatures.

Assalamualaikum brothers and sisters..


I am doing just fine today. A lot better actually.

People, you know, last nite was a real torture to me. I watched some heartbreaking news about the animals. I did follow at least two or three animal-lovers pages, and of course PETA as well.

It’s unbelievable to see how disrespectful did the so-called humanity treat other creatures. Even worst, the doers are of our same religion- islam.

If I could speak to God, I shall tell him then. Those people need guidance. A real one.

Prophet Muhammad, in the sirah, was given a reflect as a very loving man. He was tender and kind towards cats. His fave cat is known to be Muezza.

We can tell from their stories.

Once, the call for the prayer urged. Prophet Muhammad was rushing to get his throb on to perform the salah. It happened to be that Muezza was asleep on the sleeve of his throb. And guess what, instead of awakening Muezza, he cut the sleeve and went straight up to the mosque. Subhanallah.. now how kind is that? Cross your fingers, will we do the same to our cats?

The   Prophet was so attached to his cat that when he gave sermons he let Muezza rest on his lap and he also drank from water previously drunk by his cat. He also did his ablutions from the same water that was drunk by a cat. He seemed to treat his cat in the same way as cat lovers do today but even cat lovers might think twice about drinking the same water that had been drunk by a cat for fear of transmission of disease from the cat’s saliva.

Ouh, did i tell you that I have a tip for those who keep cats at home? Drinking water that has been once- licked by your cat should treat any small wound in your body. Well, that is what my father said.

Cats, and other animals might not be as superior as we are.

But people, just ponder on this: humans are just so busy documenting the flaws of animals, without realizing that their filthy traits are of the lower value than that of animals’.

I throw my humblest respect to Wawa for giving such an inspiration like no others do, to wake up, selflessly. 

And lastly, never stop caring for the animals, including the stray ones.

Feed them anything you could find in your flooded fridge. 

Get some water for them to drink.

Give them your warmest pat.

Spill out how you're feeling today to your cat, even if they can't understand a word.

Just simply cherish them!

Or at least, don't hate them.

till then, adios!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

miss brown.

it's late. but i can't sleep. i'm giving heartiest effort. i'm counting sheep.

reminiscing my old life.

what comes out of the reminder rack isn't always cool.
i wasn't so cool backward. i was so lame. and old. and sloppy. i did nothing but just mirroring those Chinese jumpsuit and my yellow banana pajama, which happened to be nothing in real life. miss brown- this is who i was. i was a brown old lady. who apparently hates sounds, musics, and hearing.

i am lost.

i still don't know what i'm doing.

talk to me, you somebody.

and to whom should i tell the chronicles. my stories, yes they were just some rotting scratches. but they turned out to be better compared to my place, which i once considered as a home.

   i think i know He knows me.
    i know He's listening to me.
i know He's looking after my future other half. and my family. and my friends. and my animals. and my health. and all of the craps which i once claimed as mine.
   i know He is the One who own me like no others do.
and how do i know this.
well, simple : He had let me know.

Friday, July 8, 2011


First and foremost, hahahhahahahaha…

Aku nak gelak ckit lagi.


Errgghhh… -.-‘

Dengan ini, saya, Syafiqah Diana Mohamad berjanji untuk putus asa membuat pavlova lagi.

Oh my. Smalam punya lah excited gila lah nak buat kuih omputeh ni. Google brapa kali google. Youtube tosah nak cakap la. Memang semangat!

Hmm.. untuk pengetahuan anda, benda pavlova ni macam dessert orang Australia kalau tak silap.

Sepatutnya kat luar dia crunchy dan kat dalam dia soft and smooth macam marshmellow. lepas tu topping ada cream and fresh fruits. Tapi aku punye, turned out to be sticky kat luar and super soft kat dalam! Duh..

Tapi takpa lah. Tak de rezeki kot.. adalah tu hikmat dia kan..Tuhan tanak aku jadi gemuk maybe.
Btw, here’s the recipe. Hope u’ll be lucky enough to get a piece of this ( mind you, this isn’t mine. Haha )

okay, the ingredients:

4 egg whites
6 tablespoon of sugar
1 tablespoon of vanilla essence
pinch of salt
1 tablespoon of corn flour

Toppings: whipped cream and fresh fruits.

heat up the oven up to 250 degrees
beat the egg whites until soft shiny peak is formed
put into some sugar, gradually
add vanilla essence, salt, and cornflour
beat it with medium speed.
place the mixture in the oven for 1 hour and bake it in 110 dgrees.
let it cool for 30 minutes in the oven.
top the meringue with whipped cream and fresh fruits.


the mixture..

of these and sugar 

out of the oven

squeeze squeeze squeeze!

some blackberries


goodluck! ^-^

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Yesterday when I was googling some recipes to cook, I found out something really interesting!


Lol that’s not interesting. What’s interesting is the whole joyful time baking it lahh. Haha.
Crap not, let’s make the cut!

Ingredients for the roti:
150g of wheat flour.
2 teaspoon of dried-instant yeast.
I cup of water.
Salt. Secubit dua cubit.

Ingredients for the topping:
Open the fridge. Get yourself any available protein. E.g: sausages, crab meat, tuna ect.
Tomato sauce
Mozzarella cheese (I use the pre- shredded one, easier!)
Shallots and tomato cubes.
Salt. And pepper.

Making the roti:
Mix the whole ingredients. Let it be cute in the bowl for 15 minutes. Tumbuk dia sampai jadi macam bentuk pizza.

Making the pizza: 
some tomato sauce on the surface of the dough. Put lots of mozzarella and layer the pizza with the rest of the topping ingredients. Last but not least, bake for 15 minutes in 350 dgrees.


Tadaa..There you go..

nampak sedap tak? nampak sedap tak??! (-.-')