Monday, December 19, 2011

ketidakbijaksanaan dalam berkawan


Hi. I’m doing my writing term paper, 5 pages and another 12 pages of linguistics assignment waiting. Yeay! So for the next 3@4 days I'll be living like a crazy and stinky and sloppy girl with epic rotten-egg breath.Yeay! And I’m having finals in the upcoming 4 days. Yeay! And I’m feeling so happy, like no pressure at all. -.- Thus the post. Pray for me yeap. And ouh, I hate MLM just like I hate taugeh in my noodles and I won’t marry any of its slaves who cheats on his/her bff. No offence. Bye.

taugeh. orang klantan panggil bean sprout.  

p/s: dear ms. beansprouts, you have betrayed our trust. two hours of your perfect lies may sweep away two years of our sweet friendship. may Allah give you guidance.
p/p/s: toksabar nok balik umoh dooh dooh.. :(


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Another Someone (Villanelle)

Another Someone 
by Qox


If I were to be your another someone
Sins are then flying cute gratis
I would rather be no one

Tears is never ours to deserve
To behold that long in bounties
If I were to be your another someone

Be it nicely treated non!
For bubbles to fade and took away serenities
I would rather be no one

The cotton Soul in the plead that u worn
Loud you sing the splash of clarities
If I were to be your another someone

Captivate ourselves a new ton
Dig and count your dignities
I would rather be no one

That very God! Mates are those who torn
O brother only if you reach those ambiguities
If I were to be your another someone
I would rather be no one


Bubble Love
by Qox

It all started with single duos
Words as the bridge Hooyah!
And through them they create wonderful sequences
Of sweet lies over ugly faces
Enjoying the other half’s sound of jubilant

And to whom shall they have regret
When they are already wet?

Bubble them.

Buckling the Unreal but Brave Bewildering Lies End

Maybe in September he dies or she dies
Maybe in July they both come alive

Bubble love
Beautiful but fragile