Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Salam all.

It has been almost three months since Kakak's wedding. Baru nak update hehehe. Wedding Kakak ni simple dan tak costly sangat. Prior to her wedding, Kakak told us that she wanted to have a simple and humble wedding-so typical of Kakak. So we utilised almost every single facility we already have for the wedding. Papa brought back DSLR from his office.The photographers were me and my cousins. The PA system plus the canopies were all brought home and managed by his staffs. Hahaha baik betul diorang. And the main dish, gulai kambing (lamb curry) was cooked by our family at Bachok. Alhamdulillah the reception went well with the help from our family and friends.

Do you still remember I once told you about the plan of making a dessert table for the wedding? Well, I did not have enough time to prepare for it. Believe it or not, the wedding day was set between my final exam papers! So after Bahasa Melayu paper, I rushed my ass back to Kota Bharu and arrived in the morning. I finished the photo booth set up in an hour, kipas-kipas Kakak (I was one of the bridesmaids), and I went back to UIA to finish my finals. Those were some craziest hours in my life.

the handmade photo booth backdrop and the over-sized moustache seemed just passable at the moment. hehehe 

Nina and her blue troop :) Thank you for coming Nina.

The bridesmaids :)

So I guess these photos have spoken for themselves. On behalf of our family, I'd like to thank all guests for coming to our little crib. Let us all pray that these newlyweds reach the barakah from the Almighty. Semoga Kakak dan Deli selamat berbahagia dunia dan akhirat serta dikurniakan anak-anak soleh. Ameen..

Till then. =)

Sunday, July 21, 2013


Salam all.

BENL tu apa?

Oh, as in BANKING ke?

I have been hearing these questions for my whole life. And I have to admit that each time they asked, I had to dig out the innermost sense of humour to answer them haha. In case you haven’t heard, BENL stands for Bachelor of Human Sciences (English Language and Literature). I guess the acronym makes it less familiar compared to other English programs like TESOL or TEFL etc. Anyways we’ll get back to that later because today’s topic is SO YOU THINK YOU HAVE IT ALL hah capslock ni mak jemah.

So here’s how it goes.

I have many friends, well in a way. Most of them are currently doing their first degree in local universities and some are doing it overseas. Either way, the point is that we all are very much familiar with the concept of tertiary education. The more As you got, the higher the chance for you to get into the so-called best colleges, doing what they call- the professional courses (medicine, laws, pharmacy, engineering etc). Well, that’s pretty much of it. And never occurred in my mind any disrespect towards the system. In fact, I do believe that they did pretty good job in celebrating the talents in people.


Often we forget that each one of us is given different skills and abilities. Some people are good in juggling numbers while some are good in equations and formulas. Some have the abilities to create and fix things while the others prefer preserving human medium of communication intact. Some dedicate their whole life to understand animals and the anatomy of their different body parts while some have the talent in singing and dancing. Some can cook very well while some are better in converting life into images. Some are meant to help people with mental disabilities and some make really great coins out of the financial field. Some are good in using words while others prefer sports as a career.

Source: Google images

To sum up, different people have different kinds of intelligence and skills. That is why we live in a heterogeneous world. We benefit each other-that’s how it works. The farmers grow broccoli for the engineers who in return, provide the best living facilities. The world cannot have all human beings doing the same thing for living or else, we will neither progress or even worst, the word ‘generation’ can be nonsensical at a certain level.

I guess I have made the point clear. So, why are there people who still cannot tolerate the fact that we all possess different kinds of intelligence? Why must we look down at people who are engaged in the so-called non-professional fields? In fact, why do we classify human knowledge-s into the cherished and the undesirables?

    1-      Weh, seriously ada ke orang nak ambil kau kerja dengan course tu?

    2-      Oh. Aku ingat kau ambil language je and nanti boleh kerja dekat big companies. Tak sangka pulak kau ambil literature sekali.

Honestly, I’d really like to stupidly answer yes to the first question and for question 2, I really don’t have an answer since to begin with, it does not make sense for an English major to think that language and literature are separable. But cheers to 4 years of the long- hardly repressed answer below; I think I would die a happy woman to say this.

It does not matter, at least to me what course you are doing or which university you are from. What matters is your performance- doing the best at what you choose to do. Instead of comparing your course to other people’s courses, you could have saved those hours of worries and laments to read some books or to grow some bananas. Kalau belajar kos yang masyur atau dekat university yang terkemuka tapi tak perform well pun, tiada gunanya. As for me, though it took a year for me to figure out which way to go, I am now happy and grateful to be able to do what I love and you are so going to hate it but I indeed, am getting better at my own phase as the semesters run. You know why? Because I do not waste my time looking down at other people and I have stopped competing with other people. I compete with myself and that keeps me thrilled and electrified. Having said that, I now have every right to express that I am setting myself away from judging people’s essence and their values in future job market based on what they do and I was never intimidated by everything that people say about my course because goddamit people, I FREAKIN' LOVE IT! 


Sunday, July 14, 2013

keeping it off

Salam friends.

So it’s been a month since the results for our fourth semester were out. And guess what? I finally got the dean’s list remark! Hehehehe. Last semester’s result was so damn close to 3.5 (it was 3.497!) that I wish IIUM would just round that number up heh.  So basically the current gpa is 3.85. Alhamdulillah all As for 7 subjects including 3 core courses with an exception for Bahasa Melayu Kerjaya. Whattt? Woii dah dua semesters of Bahasa Melayu (Nusantara and Kerjaya) dapat B, do you get me? Haha I’d have to admit that Bahasa Malayu is of my weakest point in both semesters hmm.

Upon getting the results via sms I was crazy rolling on mama’s bed. Mama shed some tears and I kept bragging about the number to Elvana and Azi for like a zillion times. Muntah sayur agaknya diorang dengar hahaha. So to sum up, it was quite a euphoric week for someone who have literally experienced a non-stop sleep deprivation during the study period. That being said, I think that the pressure to first class honours is at the peak.

Since I did not apply for any scholarship, I need to strive harder to be in that fancy class in order to exempt myself from PTPTN repayment. Masalah betul. And as they say, getting the right number is hard, but keeping up with the current grade is the hardest.

Hopefully with God’s blessings and your duas, me and friends will achieve whatever target we yearn for. Amen.. ^.^

Meanwhile me, Fatimah, Munirah and a couple of our Indonesian friends Sasa and Pit are planning on going for a 3D2N domestic vacation , probably during the first week of the upcoming semester. Mudah-mudahan dipermudahkan urusan. If the plan goes right, I'll keep you updated hehehe.  

Till then.      

Sunday, May 26, 2013

of boobcramps and chicken dance- we still live.

Salam all.

Yesterday I wouldn’t spare a day thinking about how many will cry when I die because I only have 3 people on my list. Not that I long people to draw some tears when I’m gone but it’s just that I have this thought when Mama said this to me the other day:

Only you and a few of my close friends will cry when I’m gone.

True. That is one true thing. Goddamit!

Then afterwards I started to think. No I won’t tell you who those three are. Hahaha. But the most important thing that I know is-those three may not be necessarily your closest pals or family members around. They can be of those people who you appreciate enough with your little things and well, aids you’ve provided during their hard times. And one way they celebrate your leave is by rolling their eyeballs to stop them from producing some liquids.

So yeap.

And oh. Today I added someone into the list.

Girl, I know you love me. We have so much in common. Same size, same colour, same nose, same family history (which is so damn good because I finally found someone who would only listen to my side of story and nods instead of saying sabarlah and what not), same poker face.. same.. same..we both laugh at the random-est things and we both favour nasi kerabu telur masin yang dekat pasar malam Rabu hewhew. To add, I think she likes my ugly chicken dance. we also pet the same cats!

name: nyunyi

And she has this weird habit of saying something that she could’ve said it better to someone whenever she’s alone in a car. When this was first revealed during our late dinner gath with Ramram, I was like Whatttttt that makes two of us HAHAHA. Both laughed at each other. Ramram, not sure of what was happening, paused for seconds. Later she continued with her maggi goring. Haha too cute Ramram. But yeah we're kinda off the grid that night. -.-

She has always been a cheesy friend to me. In fact she’s the cheesiest among all of my good friends. When I broke up and hysterically crying and laughing (consecutively), she was just sitting in her desk. Later she gave me a kitty card saying that I’m a strong kitty cat. Damn girl.

she also designed my psychology scrapbook!

a cat rolling a plane off? seriously?

Last few nights she asked me if I were given a choice which historical monument I’d like to travel to. I said maybe the Great Wall or Taj Mahal. Layan jelah. I thought she was bored to death thus the question. Hahaha. Today, I woke up in my stupid morning breath just to see a painting of Taj Mahal and a lil note on my desk. I know she’s been working on it day and night, but I didn’t know that it was for me. Terharuuuuu..!


Fana-zing, if you happen to read this, I believe that God will ease your days, friend. Remember those things I said about Qada' Qadar and karma? I am so much into it now. I appreciate every single thing you gave me-those cute little thingy. We may not become roommates anymore but I will totally miss getting some sleepy toddlers to wake up for Fajr. Hehehehe.




p/s: My sister Elvana has just became a wife just now. Though I can't be there because of final exams, I am happy for you Kakak. :')  

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


When we were in Bahasa Melayu Kerjaya class my lecturer asked each female student to come up with a number for wang hantaran (dowry) that we ought to have from our future husband. Lucky me Alhamdulillah I wasn’t the first to answer so I’ve got a few seconds to juggle some lofty numbers in my head haha.

At last I answered.

“Ikut kemampuan lelaki saya cikgu.”

Cikgu replied, “Tak, oh tak, sekarang sila ketepikan kemampuan lelaki. Kamu nak letak berapa? 10? Lebih dari 10? Atau kurang dari 10?”

Then I reluctantly said “Kurang dari sepuluh kot”.



Well clearly in Malay custom we have been raised to produce a pile of RM to spend on our wedding. The receptions’ food catering itself usually costs the bride or the bride’s family at least a ten. And with the number comes only the selected minimum guests- especially when we are dealing with some high class food services. Not to mention the fancy pelamin (the wedding stage), bilik pengantin (the wedding room), fresh lilies and reuziz, the 7 dulangs of hantaran consisting items nothing lesser than Jimmy Choo, extravagant wedding favours, talented photographers, dresses, hand bouquet, and the list goes in and on.

Seriously? Who okayed this? Haha.

So back to the topic. the concept of walimat in the eyes of Islam.

All Muslims, regardless of whatever colour, race and etc you are subscribed into- you are all encouraged to marry. Yes. This so-called puritanic religion asks us to marry a person we like (or our papa likes). Sunnah kot. So when you have the ability to marry, and clearly you’ve got a person suitable enough to be your life partner and the parent to the children you’re going to make, then, the Prophet encourages you to get married. Or in other words-nikah.

Okay, we all know that in Islam we must spread the solemnization news to people so that people know that you guys are legally married, to avoid turmoil etc. Thus, the walimah.

In Islam, the walimah is aimed to be the channel to spread the news about the nikah, and in addition to it, we feed people as an act of charity. See. The points are very clear-cut. We hold this thing to spread the happy news and to feed people.

What’s with the whole Malay thingy?
The bling-er the walimah, the better it gets? The higher the dowry the educated-er the bride?
People, are we that gullible?
Please don't get me wrong. I love my language, I love my culture. My tonic is budu kot! But, it is some aspects of this culture that allows some unislamic practices diffuse into it. Ironically right back to a famous Malay proverb kerana nila setitik rosak susu sebelanga. Gitteww! 

We need to change this mindset. Yes we really do. The status of the money spent on unnecessary things such as super cool pelamin or fancy favours need to be thrice-checked. Is it worth it? Do we really need this? Are we that financially equipped to have those things on our wedding? And on top of that, what is the REAL PURPOSE of the whole walimah?

Whatever answers you may get, please bear in mind that the Prophet prohibits us from doing any waste on earth- not in everyday, not in any special day. And, do not make money as A MAJOR BARRIER for us in getting married. If you have it little, do it cutely. If you have it big, do it as you please. Last but not least, always remember that it is not the high class wedding receptions that we aim for, the barakah in the marriage later instead claims for a better will. (quoted from future bro-in-law Deli.) After all, when those people age, none of them would remember your fabulous wedding favours pon. HAHA.


p/s: Please do not presume that we Malays love to waste. We eat the bunga telor sampai kentut whaaaaatt??

p/p/s: Kakak's wedding prep is still in progress. Whoever you might be, please make du'a for the whole thing to come out smooth and blessed. Ameen! =)


Monday, January 7, 2013

The differences between a good friend and a best friend

1-      A good friend keeps quiet when she sees a chili chunk in between your teeth to avoid being offensive to you. A best friend laughs at you and picks the chili chunk on your rotten teeth with her bare hand to avoid you from being laughed at by others.

2-      A good friend keeps quiet about the notes for tomorrow’s finals she has got in a midnight to avoid from waking you up in your tight sleep. A best friend wakes you up like a brute even at 3 in the morning to share with you her notes.

3-      A good friend keeps quiet when she sees you growling for food because she has no good food to give you. A best friend would share with you her last bite of stupid bread and sweets to ease your stomach.


4-      A good friend keeps quiet when you are mourning for she does not want to disturb you. A best friend already holds a hoe to bury the asshole who made you cry.

5-      A good friend tells everything about your disease to people to make them sympathy. A best friend, though she knows all of your shitty flaws, keeps her mouth shut from telling others any of your lacks and on top of that, she joyfully lives with your crap!

6-      A friend, remains a friend in dunya. Whereas a best friend remains a best friend until hereafter.