Monday, January 7, 2013

The differences between a good friend and a best friend

1-      A good friend keeps quiet when she sees a chili chunk in between your teeth to avoid being offensive to you. A best friend laughs at you and picks the chili chunk on your rotten teeth with her bare hand to avoid you from being laughed at by others.

2-      A good friend keeps quiet about the notes for tomorrow’s finals she has got in a midnight to avoid from waking you up in your tight sleep. A best friend wakes you up like a brute even at 3 in the morning to share with you her notes.

3-      A good friend keeps quiet when she sees you growling for food because she has no good food to give you. A best friend would share with you her last bite of stupid bread and sweets to ease your stomach.


4-      A good friend keeps quiet when you are mourning for she does not want to disturb you. A best friend already holds a hoe to bury the asshole who made you cry.

5-      A good friend tells everything about your disease to people to make them sympathy. A best friend, though she knows all of your shitty flaws, keeps her mouth shut from telling others any of your lacks and on top of that, she joyfully lives with your crap!

6-      A friend, remains a friend in dunya. Whereas a best friend remains a best friend until hereafter.


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