Sunday, December 16, 2012


Salam all.

So haha. I’m back.

Things are going quite smoothly. Kakak is going to get married about 8 months from now insyaAllah so I’m a bit nervous hewhew.

We’ve got Deli’s family coming over to our little crib last week. Quite a sudden visit though. By the way, I’m planning to get Kakak a very simple yet nice dessert bar for her wedding and now that she knows, she’s so annoyingly happy and even said ‘okay now I’ve got 7 sponsors for my wedding HA-HA!’ I envy Kakak she got an undeniably cute and generous sister heh.

Whatever. Okay so while I was browsing for some ideas, I found some really elegant dessert bars (some call it candy buffet table) that might suit my budget, which is you know.. kind of you know- not quite ravishing. Haha. At first I was thinking of doing hand-made chocolate fondue with strawberries and bananas but since it would cost me to rob the bank, I had to cancel it. Sobs. I was sad but that lasted until I sorted out the day with Google. Thanks to Technologies we have today. *tepuk tangan sambil geleng-geleng kapala.

Some ideas are brilliant. Some are stupid. So I mix up both and came up with some simple yet gorgeous alternatives. Well, the ideas are in my head so I can’t pull them out for you right now but some of them might be more or less the same like ziz:

Most importantly I want to include some of her all-time favourite tidbits such as the akok, Portuguese egg tarts, red velvet cuppies and tuna sandwiches.



 She’s going to be crazy when she sees those stuffs I know hehe. Then I’m going to décor some fresh colourful daisies as the centerpiece decor and some little marshmallows to lessen the table’s hue. Some green apples in a jar, some photos of her and Deli-cious, some cute paper flags and things liddat. Aww so cute! Got to start saving from now.

Here’s some more.
Say if you come up with some other budget-y alternatives that are less expensive, please drop your thoughts below. You know now they have invented this unique feature called comment box. -.-‘ 

something looks pinky. guess what.

so vintage and.. English.

macaroons anyone?


Can't wait to make this for Kakak's wedding. I know it wouldn't actually look like any of these professionally-made buffet tables. But anyhow, I'm going to try my best to make my cheesy sister happy. She's the only sibling I have anyway. Got to do what a sister does best.

To Deli-cious, you are a step closer to getting this crazy lady. Stand by her through thick and thin. May God ease your way. :)