Sunday, July 14, 2013

keeping it off

Salam friends.

So it’s been a month since the results for our fourth semester were out. And guess what? I finally got the dean’s list remark! Hehehehe. Last semester’s result was so damn close to 3.5 (it was 3.497!) that I wish IIUM would just round that number up heh.  So basically the current gpa is 3.85. Alhamdulillah all As for 7 subjects including 3 core courses with an exception for Bahasa Melayu Kerjaya. Whattt? Woii dah dua semesters of Bahasa Melayu (Nusantara and Kerjaya) dapat B, do you get me? Haha I’d have to admit that Bahasa Malayu is of my weakest point in both semesters hmm.

Upon getting the results via sms I was crazy rolling on mama’s bed. Mama shed some tears and I kept bragging about the number to Elvana and Azi for like a zillion times. Muntah sayur agaknya diorang dengar hahaha. So to sum up, it was quite a euphoric week for someone who have literally experienced a non-stop sleep deprivation during the study period. That being said, I think that the pressure to first class honours is at the peak.

Since I did not apply for any scholarship, I need to strive harder to be in that fancy class in order to exempt myself from PTPTN repayment. Masalah betul. And as they say, getting the right number is hard, but keeping up with the current grade is the hardest.

Hopefully with God’s blessings and your duas, me and friends will achieve whatever target we yearn for. Amen.. ^.^

Meanwhile me, Fatimah, Munirah and a couple of our Indonesian friends Sasa and Pit are planning on going for a 3D2N domestic vacation , probably during the first week of the upcoming semester. Mudah-mudahan dipermudahkan urusan. If the plan goes right, I'll keep you updated hehehe.  

Till then.      

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