Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Salam all.

It has been almost three months since Kakak's wedding. Baru nak update hehehe. Wedding Kakak ni simple dan tak costly sangat. Prior to her wedding, Kakak told us that she wanted to have a simple and humble wedding-so typical of Kakak. So we utilised almost every single facility we already have for the wedding. Papa brought back DSLR from his office.The photographers were me and my cousins. The PA system plus the canopies were all brought home and managed by his staffs. Hahaha baik betul diorang. And the main dish, gulai kambing (lamb curry) was cooked by our family at Bachok. Alhamdulillah the reception went well with the help from our family and friends.

Do you still remember I once told you about the plan of making a dessert table for the wedding? Well, I did not have enough time to prepare for it. Believe it or not, the wedding day was set between my final exam papers! So after Bahasa Melayu paper, I rushed my ass back to Kota Bharu and arrived in the morning. I finished the photo booth set up in an hour, kipas-kipas Kakak (I was one of the bridesmaids), and I went back to UIA to finish my finals. Those were some craziest hours in my life.

the handmade photo booth backdrop and the over-sized moustache seemed just passable at the moment. hehehe 

Nina and her blue troop :) Thank you for coming Nina.

The bridesmaids :)

So I guess these photos have spoken for themselves. On behalf of our family, I'd like to thank all guests for coming to our little crib. Let us all pray that these newlyweds reach the barakah from the Almighty. Semoga Kakak dan Deli selamat berbahagia dunia dan akhirat serta dikurniakan anak-anak soleh. Ameen..

Till then. =)

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